30.11 Sillamäe CAC, Estonia Kersti Reimann

Our kennel was represented by:


Tähekiir White Hardy Of Playhard - BOB puppy

Tähekiir White Fiona - EX, JSERT, BOBJ

Tähekiir White Emily - EX 1, BF 2

Tähekiir White Cynthia - EX 2, BF 4


Tähekiir Grey Grace - EX, BOBJ, JSERT

Tähekiir Grey Griffin - EX

Tähekiir Grey Greg - EX, JSERT, BOSJ, BOS


Natural Aka No Kuma - EX, SERT, BOB


Tähekiir Grey Grace ja Griffin were chosen to be first among BIS pairs competition.

Tähekiir White Emily participated also in junior handling competition with Carmen Koov, who was very good in showing her favourite Emily although they were not chosen among the finalists.


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